Meet Michael Lewis Threlfall

  • My name is Michael Threlfall and I am 22 years old. I am currently working as a sales consultant for Wilkinson Cameras. I am also taking a business degree with the Open University in my spare time.

    I have various hobbies ranging from football to golf and I actively participate in Martial Arts (Shotokan Karate).

    I was originally interested in Freemasonry because my uncle (Mike Threlfall) is an active Freemason, and my grandfather was also a Freemason before him.

    My uncle gave me a pamphlet, which explained what Freemasonry was all about. The information provided wet my appetite, so I decided to undertake some extra research myself.

    After reading the pamphlet and completing my own research it become clear that Freemasonry was about values, and a way of life, about men who had endeavoured to become better people and who were committed to improving their society. This appealed to me as I had a strong desire in gaining knowledge that could make me a better person.

    I spoke with my Uncle and explained that I would like to become a Freemason and I asked for his advice with relation to joining a lodge. My uncle gave his recommendation and shortly after I was admitted into Lodge Amounderness No 7105 in Lancaster Group.

    Since joining the Craft back in April of 2013, I have been fortunate enough to visit several lodges. My first visit was the Silverdale Lodge No 6926, which I have been fortunate enough to visit twice. Silverdale Lodge has a truly magnificent lodge room. I was also invited to attend an initiation at a lodge in West Houghton, and a Prestonian lecture, which was held in the Masonic building at Saul Street, Preston.

    Michael Threlfall

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    Michael Lewis Threlfall.

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