Craft Lodge meeting days.

Listed below are all the lodges that meet in the group

Lodge nameNoMeeting dates
Lodge of Harmony580Meets in Ormskirk on the third Wednesday September to April
Fermor Hesketh1350Meets at Litherland Second Monday October (Inst) to April.
Bootle Pilgrim1473Meets at Litherland First Thursday October (March Inst) to May (Except January)
Lathom2229Meets at Litherland Last Monday January, April (Inst) and September
Arthur Stanley Lodge 3469Meets in Ormskirk on the third Monday October to April
Stanley of Bickerstaffe Lodge
3511Meets in Ormskirk on the second Tuesday September to April
Crosby3714Meets at Litherland Second Friday September to (March Inst) April
Eureka3763Meets at Litherland Fourth Thursday September (Inst) to November, January to April, Second Thursday December
The Lodge of Chivalry3974Meets in Ormskirk on the firsdt Saturday in the month from October to May
Minerva Lodge4002Meets at Litherland Second Tuesday October to April
Ormskirk Priory Lodge 4007Meets in Ormskirk on the fourth Wednesday September to April excluding December
Prince Of Architects4188Meets at Litherland Second Saturday September (October Inst) to April (Except March)
Old Crosbeian4992Meets at Merchant Tailors School Fourth Monday September to March (Inst) (Except December)
Standish Lodge 4995Meets in Park Hall Hotel on the third Wednesday October to May.
Mersey Lodge 5199Meets in Ormskirk on the second Saturday October to May.
St Michaels Lodge 5756Meets at Park Hall on the 1st Tuesday October to May excluding January
St Luke's6006Meets at Litherland Third Tuesday October to (March Inst) April
Lathom Abbey Lodge
6286Meets in Ormskirk on the first Thursday October to May.
Rufford Lodge7217Meets at Park Hall Hotel the second Monday October to May
Tarleton Lodge7871Meets in Park Hall Hotel on the third Tuesday in October to May except December.
Aughton Lodge 7996Meets in Ormskirk on the third Thursday September to April
Park Hall Lodge 8375Meets in Ormskirk on the first Tuesday October to April Excluding January
Vale of Skelmersdale 8719Meets in Ormskirk on the first Monday in September – May Excluding January