The Kings Lodge No.3101

The date of the Warrant of The Kings Lodge is 5 March 1905 and the consecration took place on 4 May 1905 at the Masonic Hall, Hope Street, Liverpool. The lodge is a daughter lodge of Temperance Lodge No 2714 and the choice of the lodges name, to dispel any illusions, is nothing to do with The Kings (Liverpool) Regiment. It is thought that at least one of the founders came from Queens Lodge and also that His Majesty King Edward VII, Past Grand Master was reigning at the time, and therefore the name “The Kings” seemed appropriate.

Following the organization of the Province into groups in 1914, The Kings was included in the Eighth Liverpool Group, where it remained until moving to Bootle in 1995. In fact the lodge hasn’t moved around much because until that date, it never met anywhere but Hope Street.

The lodge has recently enjoyed an upsurge in its membership, with both joining members and new Masons coming to enjoy the lodges particularly sociable proceedings and after-proceedings. The Kings is a lodge in which people easily feel at home and are encouraged to make an early contribution.

The lodge has a formidable social calendar, which makes a great point of including families as much as possible. The members are very grateful to their wives, girlfriends and children for the tremendous support they give.

As the lodge looked forward to its Centenary, the members were thankful for the many past masters and brethren of the lodge who gave sterling service in so many ways.

The members still strive to perform our ritual well and to make as generous as possible a charity contribution. Above all, however, the members are looking to sustain the ‘Idea’ that the founders brought into fruition and which many good men have continued over the years.