Park Hall Lodge history

The First Thirty Eight Years – 1971 to 2009

Throughout the past thirty eight years, the members of Park Hall Lodge have tried to achieve the Founders’ dreams of maintaining a happy, thriving Lodge and in providing this short history, we have attempted to show how it has progressed. We trust it will encourage the newer members to carry on the Park Hall traditions for the future benefit of the Craft in general and the Park Hall Lodge No 8375 in particular.

In the August of 1970, some sixteen Brethren of various Ormskirk and District Masonic Lodges, being desirous of founding a new Lodge, forwarded a petition to the Provincial Grand Secretary suggesting three possible names, Park Hall Lodge, Parbold Lodge or Park Lodge. History shows that their first choice proved successful because a Warrant was prepared on the 7th April 1971 and The Park Hall Lodge No 8375 was consecrated at 2:30 pm on Monday 25 October 1971, at the Masonic Hall, Park Road, Ormskirk. All our subsequent meetings have been held at the Masonic Temple at Park Hall, after which the Lodge was named.

The Consecrating Officer was Right Worshipful Brother Sir Knowles Edge, Bt., Provincial Grand Master. The installation ceremony being conducted by WBro. The Rev Richard Kenyon Leigh, Past Deputy Grand Chaplain, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, assisted by WBro L A Pardey, Past Grand Deputy Assistant Provincial Grand Master. The whole proceedings held under the direction of W. Bro. Alan Fletcher Ferris, Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies.

Over those 38 years, there have been some 120 members of Park Hall Lodge, 66 of whom were initiated into the Lodge with the remainder joining from other Lodges. During that time there have been a number of Brethren who have followed various members of their families into Freemasonry, becoming second and even third generation Masons. For obvious reasons, not all of those generations were members of Park Hall Lodge, but none the less a trait, which is by no means uncommon in Freemasonry.

In 1995, the Ormskirk Masonic Hall Association Committee asked that each Lodge which met at Park Hall subscribe to having a painting of their individual Insignia, displayed within the Masonic Temple. This started some interesting research within Park Hall Lodge when trying to determine the authenticity and history of our own insignia, particularly as there had been a number of minor variations in its design and colours over the years.

It transpired that the original design was by a graphic artist who had been commissioned to draw a ‘Hall in a Park’ and as far as we can ascertain the design has no Masonic connotation or connections. Recently we have been able to re-build and reprint our insignia using members home personal computers, as our original colour printing dies have unfortunately been lost.

Park Hall Lodge has always prided itself on the great support given by the wives, partners and families of its members. Indeed, without such support, many Lodges can only be the weaker. The Park Hall Ladies, as they call themselves, meet quite frequently and help organise their own and Lodge social events and raise money. They donate to various charities of their own choice – including Masonic charities – for which we are most grateful. We are even more grateful for the tolerance they show by ‘allowing’ us out several times a year to attend our own Masonic evenings and for their patience in ironing our shirts and brushing our suits. We, in turn, try to repay that kindness by wining and dining them at our annual Ladies Night dinner and ball.

In conclusion, the current members believe that throughout these 38 years, all our predecessors have upheld those original dreams of our Founders and will continue to build from their tenets and strive to maintain a happy and thriving lodge.