Ormskirk Priory Lodge history

A brief history.

The Lodge was Consecrated on Wednesday 26th. November 1919 at The Church House, Ormskirk at 3.30pm.

The consecrating officer being:

VW Deputy Provincial Grand Master Louis S Winsloe,

Past Grand Treasurer, Deputy Provincial Grand Master.

The Installing officer was WBro George A Harradon PGD (Eng.).

Following the consecration Officers were installed:

Bro Mark Wilkinson PAGDC Master

Bro Henry J Hale Senior Warden

Rev George W Carr Junior Warden

WBro William T Trickett PrSGD Treasurer

Bro Fred Bentham Secretary

Bro C M Hesford DC

WBro Hugh Pemberton PPrGW(Ches.) Senior Deacon

Bro Edward F Carr Junior Deacon

Bro F Jones ADC

Bro Sam Jowett Almoner

Bro Matthias Cave lnner Guard

Bro’s John B. Grayson, Edward Wells,

C. H. Palmer, W.H.Tyler, Stewards

Bro H. Holt Tyler

The Menu at the Festive Board was:

Tomato Soup

Boiled Turbot and Lobster Sauce

Roast Ribs of Beef,

Roast Turkey and Sausage

Carrots and Potatoes

Ormskirk Pudding with Priory Sauce

Mince Pies

Biscuits and Cheese and Celery

The following were the Toasts:

1. His Majesty the King.

2. H.M.G.M. Queen Mary; Queen Alexandra; Edward Prince of Wales; and Members of the Royal Family.

3. The Most Worshipful Grand Master H.R.H. the Duke of Connaught, K.G., Etc. and the Officers of Grand Lodge, Present and Past.

4. The Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. the Hon. Sir Arthur Stanley;

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master V.W.Bro. Louis S. Winsloe, P. G. Treasurer, and the Officers of Provincial Grand Lodge, Present and Past.

5. The Worshipful Master

6. Our Guests

7. All Poor and distressed Masons

The Musical Brethren who added splendour to the Consecration Ceremony and later entertained at the Festive Board were: Bro’s J.T.Jones P.P.D.G.D.C.,

R. Wynne Jones P.P.S.G.D., Tom Barlow, G.Davison and Fred Slippere

On 13 December 1926 a mysterious Executive meeting was held at the Wheatsheaf Hotel at which those present resolved that the proceeding be not recorded.

* * *

The following was the foreword in the booklet recording the first 50yrs of the lodge’s existence by WBro L A PARDEY, PGD Assistant Provincial Grand Master

Emerson wrote “The use of History is to give value to the present hour and its duty”.

This excellent History of the first half-century of Ormskirk Priory Lodge will record for time immemorial the infancy and upbringing of an energetic and valuable member of the Ormskirk Group, of the Province of West Lancashire and of the world-wide family of Freemasonry. It shows not only the development and progress of the Lodge but equally important the dedication and prowess of its Freemasons in service to the Craft.

In this contemplation of the past, the use of this History should make us value the present.

“I expect to pass through this World but once. Any good that I can do, or any kindness that I can show, to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again”.

Many of those Brethren referred to in these pages have valued the present hour— let us follow their wise example

The story which follows tells quite plainly the duty of those who are fortunate to be members of the Ormskirk Priory Lodge. Duty is a hard word but, when applied to this Lodge, it becomes a pleasure indeed. May the Brethren derive great joy in the present and in the future in upholding the traditions outlined in this History of their Lodge.

I congratulate the Ormskirk Priory Lodge on attaining the Fiftieth Anniversary of its Consecration and wish the Lodge and its Brethren every happiness and success in the future.

Following the above foreword was thi


To the Founders of Ormskirk Priory Lodge No 4007, without whose foresight and endeavours this document could never have been published.

May Ormskirk Priory Lodge remain for ever a worthy Memorial to the Founders who have all been summoned, in their turn, by the Great Architect of the Universe to take their places in the Grand Lodge above.

Membership after the second world war up until the mid to late ’70’s was always between 75 and 90 and lodge meeting regularly had 75 to 100 Masons present.

Following a decline in membership in common with most lodges in recent years the lodge now appears to be recovering again and is starting to benefit from a steady flow of new, younger members which can only bode well for the future.