Lodge of Chivalry history

A brief history

The Consecration of the Lodge of Chivalry, No 3974 took place on Thursday 6th November 1919 at 4 o’clock p.m. at the Carlton Hall, Eberle Street, Liverpool. The Consecrating Officer was Very Worshipful Bro Louis Winsloe, Past Grand Treasurer, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, and he was assisted by Officers of Provincial Grand lodge and numerous Brethren. The Consecration Address was delivered by WBro Rev J Kirk Pike, Past Provincial Assistant Grand Chaplin. W Bro W.J. Cook was duly installed as the first Worshipful Master. The first Regular Meeting was held on 13 December, 1919, and the first Initiate was Rev H J Holman, Wesleyan Minister, who became the first Chaplin of the lodge in 1920. The lodge box and box for minerals were presented as a gift to the Lodge by Bro J B Baylis and Bro J E H Mann.

The Regular Meeting of the lodge on 4 March 1922, marked the occasion of the removal to the Masonic Hall, Hope Street, Liverpool.

The Regular Meeting of the Lodge on 2 November 1940, the 21st birthday was celebrated by the presentation of a Lodge Banner, the cost being defrayed by the brethren. WBro R W Morgan, PPrGDC presented to the care of the Worshipful Master the Banner of blue silk embroidered with the symbolic figure of St George in the act of slaying the dragon, a replica of the lodge crest, inscribed with the tenets of Freemasonry.

By arrangement with the Worshipful Master and Officers of Liverpool Epworth Lodge No 5381, meetings of the two lodges were combined from December 1940, to March 1941 inclusive.

Thus a difficult period was bridged when the City was suffering under enemy action.

11 of our Brethren served with His Majesty’s Forces, on land and sea and in the air. We solemnly commit them to the care of the Great Architect and pray that Peace may soon be restored to the world so that these brethren may return to our midst and enjoy with us the fellowship and duties of our lodge.

In April, 1964 WBro R W Morgan PAGDC, celebrated his 50 years in Masonry. To commemorate the occasion,  WBro Morgan presented the lodge with a Silver Alms Plate. Also to mark the occasion the youngest initiate pinned his founder’s jewel to the lodge banner. 

To mark the golden anniversary, the lodge donated the sum of 100 guineas to Masonic Charities. The Rehearsal Class, as their contribution  presented a sliver chain. On the links of this chain are inscribed the names of the Past Masters. This chain, to be worn over the Worshipful Master’s Collar, will be a permanent link with the past.

In January 1998 the lodge joined the Ormskirk Group

In conclusion and to quote  WBro A Leeson, PPrGW in his record ‘The First Twenty-Five Years’.

“With the assistance of the Great Architect and our own endeavours we can face the future with confidence, so that the present generation, who have shown their enthusiasm for Freemasonry, will continue with the erection of the lodge worthy of its foundation and the name it bears. May the spirit of Chivalry saturate our hearts and actions in the future, and the tenets and principles of Freemasonry continue to be proclaimed and spread by our lodge throughout the Universe from generation to generation.”