Group Diary


 2018/19 SEASON

Issued 30th July 2018

Chapter Installations/Anniversaries   Craft Installations/Anniversaries   Group/Provincial

(Orm) = Meeting at Ormskirk Masonic Hall

(Lith) = Meeting at Litherland Masonic Hall

(CR) = Meeting at Park Hall Hotel, Charnock Richard

(MT) = Meeting at Merchant Taylors School, Crosby

DateLodge/Chapter/EventNoRepresentative VenueCelebration
10.09.19Secretary, Treasurer & DC SeminarsSouthport
19.09.19Aughton Installation7996WBro D Anderton PAGDC (Orm)(Orm)
23.09.19Silver Jubilee Chapter Installation8818EComp I Higham PGStdB, 3rd PrGP Southport
25.09.19Ormskirk Priory Installation4007VWBro PH Gunning PGSwdB, DerPrGM (Orm)
30.09.19Ormskirk Masonic Hall Association Management Meeting(Orm)
04.10.19Latham Abbey Installation6286WBro P Levick PJGD(Orm)
05.10.19Chivalry Installation3974WBro FA Umbers PSGD, APrGM(Orm)
08.10.19Stanley of Bickerstaffe Installation3511To Be Advised(Orm)
09.10.19Provincial Grand ChapterSouthport
12.10.19Prince of Architect's Installation4188WBro FR Pyne PAGDC(Lith)
14.10.19Fermor Hesketh Installation1350WBro FA Umbers PSGD, APrGM(Lith)
14.10.19Rufford Installation7217WBro IC Gee PAGReg(CR)
19.10.19FROTH - Banjo Night(Lith)
23.10.19Ormskirk Priory 4007WBro FA Umbers PSGD, APrGM(Orm)50th A Ashcroft
24.10.19Eureka Installation3763WBro CG Jenkins PAGDC(Lith)
06.11.19Ormskirk & Bootle Group Meeting(Lith)
08.11.19HOME - Greek Night(Orm)
12.11.19Stanley of Bickerstaffe 3511WBro FA Umbers PSGD, APrGM(Orm)50th RJ Jackson
17.11.19GROUP - Christmas Fair(Lith)
20.11.19Standish Installation4955WBro FA Umbers PSGD, APrGM(CR)
22.11.19Arthur Stanley Installation3469WBro FA Umbers PSGD, APrGM(Orm)
24.11.19GROUP - Christmas Fair(Orm)
24.11.19FROTH - Christmas Lunch(Lith)
25.11.19Fermor Hesketh Chapter Installation1350EComp TPM Burgess PrGSN(Lith)
27.11.19Ormskirk Priory 4007VWBro PH Gunning PGSwdB, DerPrGM (Orm)Centenary
01.12.19GROUP - Carol ServiceLathom Park Chapel
03.12.19Park Hall Installation8375WBro T Rimmer PJGD(Orm)
07.12.19Chivalry3974RWBro JA Harrison PGM(Orm)Centenary
08.12.19GROUP - Children's Christmas Party(Orm)
10.12.19Minerva4002RWBro JA Harrison PGM(Lith)Centenary
11.01.20 Mersey Installation5199WBro JD Ogden PSGD, APrGM(Orm)
15.01.20Harmony Installation 580WBro FA Umbers PSGD, APrGM(Orm)
17.01.20Bootle Chapter Installation1473EComp PA Renton PGSwdB, DepGSupt(Lith)
25.01.20HOME - Burns Night(Orm)
28.01.20Stanley of Bickerstaffe Chapter Installation 3511EComp A F (Tony) Hall PGStdB, AtoPrGP's(Orm)
05.02.20Ormskirk Masonic Hall Association Management Meeting(Orm)
08.02.20FROTH - Casino Night(Lith)
11.02.20Minerva Installation4002WBro AS Whittle(Lith)
12.02.20Unity & Perseverance Chapter Installation 580EComp A F (Tony) Hall PGStdB, AtoPrGP's(Orm)
02.03.20Vale of Skelmersdale Installation 8719WBro KP Poynton PSGD, APrGM(Orm)
03.03.20St Michael's Installation 5756WBro FA Umbers PSGD, APrGM(CR)
05.03.20Bootle Pilgrim Installation1473RWBro JA Harrison PGM(Lith)
06.03.20Crosby Installation3714WBro BS Henshaw PJGD(Lith)
09.03.20Rufford7217WBro FA Umbers PSGD, APrGM(CR)50th D Magill
11.03.20Ormskirk Priory Chapter Installation4007EComp CC Buterfield PGStdB, 2nd PrGP(Orm)
17.03.20St Luke's Installation6006WBro FA Umbers PSGD, APrGM(Lith)
20.03.20Provincial Grand BallUniversity of Bolton Stadium
21.03.20GROUP - Cabaret & BuffetMaghull Town Hall
23.03.20Old Crosbeian Installation4992WBro DJ Parkinson PSGD, APrGM(MT)
01.04.20Provincial Grand LodgeWinter Gardens Blackpool
17.04.20Thornton Installation 8008EComp SF Robinson PAGSoj, AtoPrGP's(Lith)
20.04.20Lathom Installation2229WBro KP Poynton PSGD, APrGM(Lith)
20.04.20St Michael's Chapter Installation5756EComp M Warren PGStdB(CR)
25.04.20FROTH - Race Night(Lith)
19.05.20Tarleton Installation7871WBro JS Seddon PSGD, APrGM(CR)
27.05.20Ormskirk Masonic Hall Association Management Meeting(Orm)
05.06.20GROUP - Gala Cabaret Dinner & DanceBriars Hall
13.06.20Ormskirk & Bootle GROUP BowlsDog & Gun, Aughton
TBAOrmskirk & Bootle GROUP GolfMossack Hall Golf Club