Friends Of The Hall


What’s it all about

Froth, or Friends of the Hall was set up in 1990 by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Bootle Group of Lodges and Chapters, the majority of which met at the Masonic Hall in Balliol Road, Bootle. The aims and objectives of Froth were to create Social opportunities for Brethren and Companions of the Group along with their family and Friends. If Froth raises any money through its activities it will go towards projects to improve the facilities in the hall, but not to be used for the general running, wear and tear etc. of the hall.

Many of these social events were different than those held by individual Lodges and created an opportunity for many to meet up with people which they would otherwise be unlikely to meet.

In the early days Froth was mainly the Sunday Lunches and so successful were they at that time it was very often a Full House. These lunches, which there were four held each year consisted of a three course meal followed by entertainment and normally a raffle.
There would also be a Gala Dinner Dance during the closed season, with top line entertainment. There were also other occasions such as a night at Dogs at Belle Vue,

The Group moved to its new home in Litherland and Froth continued to be successful although with many changes.

Froth today still has some things in place, in particular the Christmas Sunday Lunch, a festive meal with festive entertainment. Evening socials are The Gala Dinner Dance now replaced with a Gala Cabaret Dinner & Dance. We also hold a James Bond Casino Night and a Froth Grand National Race Night. We also run a Christmas Spirit Hamper Raffle with just 3 prizes of 12, 8, & 4 bottles of branded spirits. All of the prizes having being donated by the Lodges, Chapters and individuals.

During the last couple of years Froth fundraising has Re-Furbished & decorated the main Lodge room, re-decorated the dining room adding the large mirrors & curtains. Purchased trestle & round tables and modern chairs and table centre-pieces, Organised for the fitting of L.E.D. bulbs and down lighters for the Dining room, small lodge room & bar area. Supplied and fitted high speed hand dryer to the gent’s toilet, an electric oven and deep fat fryers for the kitchen. All of these things make the hall more inviting to anyone using it.

Dates for this year’s Froth functions can be found below.

DateEventLocationContact Details
19.10.19Banjo NightLitherland Masonic HallPeter Kelly 0151-336 4620
24.11.19Christmas LunchLitherland Masonic HallPeter Kelly 0151-336 4620
08.02.20Casino NightLitherland Masonic HallPeter Kelly 0151-336 4620
25.04.20Race NightLitherland Masonic HallPeter Kelly 0151-336 4620