The Chairmans Page

Graham Chambers

As Group Chairman of the Ormskirk & Bootle Group It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our website and hope that you will find it both an informative and enjoyable visit.

This website affords Masons and non-Masons alike to have access to Masonic activities within the Ormskirk and Bootle Group. It is an important step forward in bringing Masonry into the open and aligns itself to the Grand Masters and Provincial Grand Master wishes that our organisation should make every effort to extend itself outwards to the wider public. In furtherance of those wishes, this website is intended to stimulate interest in Freemasonry in For non-Masons, hopefully you will find within these pages areas which are of interest to you and lead you to take your inquisitiveness to the next stage. There are sufficient contact details contained within the site but, if you would like to speak to me personally about anything to do with Masonry, please do not hesitate to drop me an e mail at: giving me your details, and I will contact you as soon as I am able.

For brethren of the group, it is an ideal means of keeping yourself up to date with group activities and what is happening within our lodges and chapters. It provides a calendar of events which is updated on a regular basis and if there is anything you feel you would like to contribute by means of submission please                                              contact Russell Skidmore our group publicity officer who will no doubt be pleased to receive anything you care to send him.

Graham Chambers

Group Chairman