Standish Lodge installs Iain as master

It was another special occasion for the brethren of Standish Lodge No 4955 and their many guests who had gathered at the Park Hall Hotel, Charnock Richard. They were there to witness the installation of Iain Brown, as the new WM and it is the second time that Iain has been master of the lodge.

Colin Jenkins (right) congratulating the new WM Iain Brown.

The lodge was honoured by the presence of Colin Jenkins Chairman of the Southport Group as the representative of the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison. Colin was accompanied by the Ormskirk and Bootle Group Chairman, Graham Chambers, group vice-chairman Malcolm Alexander and grand officer Brian Fairhurst.

The outgoing WM John Thompson started the evening’s proceedings by warmly welcoming the visiting brethren to the meeting, before opening the lodge and after the initial lodge business was completed; the director of ceremonies Terry Worthington announced that Colin Jenkins was without and sought admission. Colin was then admitted into the temple accompanied by Graham Chambers and grand officers, Brian Fairhurst and Malcolm Alexander;

The master elect, Iain Brown was then presented to the lodge by Kerr Edwards, before being installed, according to ancient custom into the chair of King Solomon, with the ceremony undertaken by John Thompson.

The working tools for the third degree was presented by Bill Lyon, the second degree by Stuart Sidebottom and the first degree by Ron Marklew, all three were presented in an excellent and proficient manner. During the investiture of the lodge officers, the addresses to the inner guard and tyler were given by Kerr Edwards. Once the lodge officers had been invested, the address to the WM was given by Terry Worthington and that to the brethren was given by Colin Jenkins, delivered in his usual confident and excellent manner.

At the end of the ceremony of installation, Colin addressed the brethren by bringing congratulations from the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison, wishing Iain and all the brethren the very best of health and hoping they have a happy Masonic year. Colin then proceeded to congratulate John and Terry for the manner in which they had installed Iain into the chair and also all the brethren who had taken part in the ceremony.

The ceremony now being complete, Iain presented Colin with six cheques totalling £1,990. These were; £1,000 to the MCF 2021 Festival, £540 to the West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity (WLFC), £125 to Macmillan Nurses, £125 to the Northwest Ambulance, £100 to Derian House and £100 for Wigan and Leigh Hospice. On behalf of the recipients Colin thanked the lodge for their very generous and worthy donations.

After closing the lodge in prayer and harmony the brethren made their way to an excellent festive board, where the brethren enjoyed a meal consisting of a timbre of black pudding for a starter, followed by braised steak in a pepper corn sauce and for dessert, chocolate panna cotta, with a selection of cheese and biscuits following. During the festive board a raffle was held raising £90 which will be donated to charities at a later date.

Pictured from left to right, are: Graham Chambers, Colin Jenkins, Iain Brown, John Thompson and Malcolm Alexander.

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