Initiation at Tarleton Lodge

At a regular lodge meeting of Tarleton Lodge No 7871, held at the Park Hall Hotel, Charnock Richard, Ray West who is the current senior deacon, had the pleasure of taking part in the initiation ceremony of his son Andrew West.

Pictured from left to right, are: Andrew West, Stephen Dunn and Ray West.

The ceremony was conducted by the lodge’s charity steward John Webster, who was assisted by the regular officers of the lodge. On completion of the initiation ceremony, WM Stephen Dunn congratulated Andrew on his initiation and welcomed him into Tarleton Lodge. He then presented him with a ‘manual for the initiate’ written by fellow lodge member, Colin Mills.

During the communications, there was then more cause for celebration when two further propositions were made for lodge membership as there had been a dearth of prospective new members for some considerable time. This bodes well for the lodge and will ensure a busy year ahead for the members.

Article and picture by Colin Mills.

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