Crosby Lodge installs Andreas as WM

Crosby Lodge No 3714 held its installation meeting at Litherland Masonic Hall, where the brethren were proud to give a very warm welcome to their guest of honour for ceremony, Assistant Provincial Grand Master David Walmsley who is responsible for the Eccles and South Eastern Groups. David was accompanied by the Ormskirk and Bootle Group Chairman Frank Umbers, vice chairman Graham Chambers together with grand officers Peter Levick, Freddie Wright, Ian Gee, Malcolm Alexander and also acting Provincial grand officers.

David Walmsley (right) congratulates Andreas Johannessen on becoming WM.

The outgoing and installing master Peter Levick started the evening’s proceedings by warmly welcoming the visiting brethren to the meeting. After the initial lodge business was completed, Peter opened the lodge to the second and third degrees, where the director of ceremonies Graham Chambers announced that David Walmsley was without and demanded admission. David was then admitted into the temple accompanied by the grand officers, preceded by the acting Provincial grand officers, Fred Dickinson, Thomas Bradfield-Kay, David Scott, Michael Dutton, John Walters, Russell Skidmore and Carl Mathews.

David was welcomed by Peter and offered the gavel of the lodge, which David gracefully declined. Peter asked Malcolm Keen if he would assist the lodge by occupying the chair of SW, Peter O’Donnell if he would occupy the chair of JW and Roger Holt asked to act as inner guard.

The master elect, Andreas Johannessen, was then presented to the lodge by the presenting officers Graham Chambers and Tom Croll. After Andreas had taken his obligation, the outgoing WM Peter thanked the brethren for all their support and hard work they had given him during his year in office.

Peter then proceeded to install Andreas, according to ancient custom into the chair of King Solomon. The working tools for the third degree were presented by Graham Chambers, the second-degree tools by Ron Elliott and those of the first degree by Matthew Caffrey, all in a faultless and excellent manner.

During the installation of the officers for the year, the address to the deacons was given by Malcolm Keen, the address to the inner guard by Graham Chambers, the address to the stewards by Mark Sands and the address to the tyler by David Smith.

Andreas Johannessen (centre) receives the MCF 2021 Festival certificate from David Walmsley, watched by Peter Levick (left).

The address to master was given by David Smith, the address to the wardens by Tom Croll and the address to the brethren of the lodge was given by David Walmsley. All the addresses were delivered in a proficient and confident manner.

At the end the ceremony of installation, David brought congratulations from the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison, wishing Andreas and all the brethren the very best of health and hoping that they would have a happy Masonic year. David congratulated Peter for the manner in which he had installed Andreas into the chair, the lodge’s outgoing DC Graham Chambers and all the brethren who had taken part in the ceremony.

Andreas then presented David with seven cheques; £750 for the West Lancashire 2021 Festival, £150 to the West Lancashire Free Masons’ Charity, £400 to the Litherland Masonic Hall, £350 to the Walton Centre, £200 to Tithebarn Masonic Home, £100 to the Scouts and £50 to the Masonic Fishing Charity. David thanked the brethren of the lodge for their very generous and worthy donations and then said he felt privileged to be able to present the lodge with a certificate of Vice Patronage of the MCF 2021 Festival.

After closing the lodge in prayer and harmony, the brethren made their way to an excellent festive board which was enjoyed by all. During the festive board a raffle was held which raised £215 which will be donated to charities at a later date. With the evening coming to an end a presentation was made to David on behalf of the lodge, of a large bouquet of flowers for him to take home to his wife Sandra. The evening having drawn to a close, the brethren retired after having had an enjoyable ceremony, a festive board in good company and lots of jovial fun.

Andreas Johannessen (centre), pictured with the grand and acting Provincial grand officers.

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