Eureka installs Gary as new master

The brethren of Eureka Lodge No 3763 and their many guests gathered at Litherland Masonic Hall for the installation of Gary Melton as their new WM. The lodge was honoured by the presence of Assistant Provincial Grand Master Anthony (Tony) Bent as their principle guest. Tony was accompanied by Ormskirk and Bootle Group Chairman Frank Umbers, group vice chairman Graham Chambers, grand officer Freddie Wright and acting Provincial grand officers.

Tony Bent (left) congratulating Gary Melton on becoming WM.

Tony Bent (left) congratulating Gary Melton on becoming WM.

A few of the lodge officers were unable to attend the meeting and the lodge was helped out by group vice chairman Graham Chambers, taking the position of JD for the ceremony.

The acting and installing WM Don Fraser started the evening’s proceedings by warmly welcoming the visiting brethren to the meeting before opening the lodge. After the initial lodge business was completed, Don opened the lodge to the second and third degrees, where the director of ceremonies Stephen Bousfield announced that Tony Bent was without and demanded admission. Tony was then admitted into the temple accompanied by the grand officers, Frank Umbers and Freddie Wright, Litherland Masonic Hall Chairman Ian McKinnon, accompanied by Peter Kelly and Joe Williams who acted as the Provincial Grand Deacons for the ceremony. Also in attendance were acting Provincial grand officers, Russell Skidmore and Fred Dickinson. Don then warmly welcomed Tony to the ceremony and offered him the gavel of the lodge, which Tony gracefully declined.

The master elect, Gary Melton was then presented to the lodge by the presenting officers Freddie Wright and Stephen Bousfield, and after Gary had taken his obligation, Don on behalf of the lodge’s outgoing WM, John Lennon, thanked the brethren for all their support and hard work they had given John during his year in office. Don then asked Joe Williams, Crosby Lodge No 3714 if he would assist the lodge by occupying the chair of SW.

The installing master Don, proceeded to install Gary, according to ancient custom into the chair of King Solomon in an excellent ceremony. The working tools in all three degrees were presented in an excellent and proficient manner by Gary Adamson. Once the lodge officers had been invested, the address to the WM was given by Don, followed by the address to the brethren of the lodge by Tony Bent, all delivered in their usual confident and excellent manner.

At the end the ceremony of installation, Tony addressed the brethren by bringing congratulations from the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison, wishing Gary and all the brethren the very best of health and hoping they have a happy Masonic year. Tony congratulated Don for the excellent and dignified manner in which he had installed Gary into the chair, commenting on the very short notice that Don had received for performing the ceremony. Tony then proceeded to congratulate all the brethren who had taken part in the ceremony.

After closing the lodge in prayer and harmony the brethren made their way to an excellent festive board which was enjoyed by all. In responding to the toast to the grand officers, Tony thanked Gary for the warm welcome that he and the grand officers had received from the lodge and he was delighted to again praise the work undertaken by Don and the brethren in the ceremony.

Before the evening’s festive board came to a close the master’s song was performed exquisitely by Don Fraser, who was accompanied by Raymond Massey on the piano. During the evening a raffle was held raising £107 with the proceeds to be donated equally between the Litherland Masonic Hall and the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. With the evening finishing Gary presented Tony with a bouquet of flowers for his wife, before the principal guests retired, after an enjoyable evening in good company.

Pictured from left to right, are: Russell Skidmore, Freddie Wright, Frank Umbers, Tony Bent, Gary Melton, Don Fraser, Graham Chambers, Fred Dickinson and Stephen Bousfield.

Pictured from left to right, are: Russell Skidmore, Freddie Wright, Frank Umbers, Tony Bent, Gary Melton, Don Fraser, Graham Chambers, Fred Dickinson and Stephen Bousfield.

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