Stuart installed as master of Ormskirk Priory

Ormskirk Priory Lodge No 4007, which is one of the smaller lodges within the Ormskirk and Bootle Group with the lodge approaching their centenary in a couple of years, the members started the new Masonic season with their installation meeting at Ormskirk Masonic Hall. For the evening’s ceremony the lodge was honoured by the presence of Peter Lockett, Chorley Group Chairman, as the representative of the Provincial Grand Master.

Peter Lockett (left) congratulating Stuart Cunningham on becoming WM.

Peter Lockett (left) congratulating Stuart Cunningham on becoming WM.

The outgoing WM Alan Ashcroft welcomed everyone to the evening’s installation and proceeded to open the lodge in the first degree, after which the lodge DC Bert Patterson informed him that Peter Lockett was without and was seeking admittance. Peter was duly admitted into the lodge in a possession, accompanied by grand officers Frank Umbers (Ormskirk and Bootle Group Chairman), Malcolm Alexander and John Wilcock. Also in attendance were Graham Chambers (group vice-chairman) together with acting Provincial grand officers Michael Dutton, Carl Mathews and Russell Skidmore.

Alan then proceeded to open in the second and third degrees. Alan then asked senior warden Ian Kennedy and John Rawcliffe, acting junior warden for the ceremony, to remain in the warden’s chairs and Peter Fairclough to remain as inner guard for the installation ceremony.

The master elect, Stuart Cunningham was then presented to the lodge by Bert Patterson and after Stuart had taken his obligation, Alan asked the officers of Ormskirk Priory Lodge to stand, thanking them for all their help, support and hard work during his year in office. Stewart was then proficiently installed into the chair of King Solomon by Alan.

The working tools for the third degree were presented by Bert Patterson, the second degree working tools by Ian Kennedy and the working tools for the first degree where presented by Brian Heaney, all in a confident and proficient manner. While Stuart was investing his officers the address to the charity steward Ray Hampson was delivered by the group chairman Frank Umbers, and once all the officers for the forthcoming year had been invested the address to WM was given by John Wallbank and the address to the brethren by Peter Lockett. Again, all delivered faultlessly and in a proficient manner. Frank Umbers then stood up and gave Stuart the presentation of the Hall Stone Jewel.

The ceremony now being completed, Peter stood up and brought the personal greetings and congratulations to Stuart from the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison on attaining the chair. Peter congratulated all those that had taken part in the ceremony, mentioning the excellent installation undertaken by Alan, Bert and the brethren who delivered the working tools and address to the master by John, commenting on how well they were delivered.

The new WM Stuart then presented Peter with three cheques, £200 to Tithebarn, £100 to the Air Ambulance and £100 to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and on behalf of the recipients Peter thanked the lodge members for their very kind and generous donations.

Following the meeting the brethren retired to the festive board to conclude an excellent evening.

Pictured centre from left to right, are: Peter Lockett, Stuart Cunningham and Alan Ashcroft, with the grand and acting Provincial grand officers.

Pictured centre from left to right, are: Peter Lockett, Stuart Cunningham and Alan Ashcroft, with the grand and acting Provincial grand officers.


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