Three generations of Masons

A very special occasion was witnessed by the brethren and guests of Stanley of Bickerstaffe Lodge No 3511, where the lodge was pleased to witness James Clarke being raised to the third degree, by his father Andrew.

Edward (left) looks on as James (centre) is congratulated by his father Andrew.

Andrew is the current WM of the lodge and during his year in office he has had the honour and privilege of being able to initiate, pass and raise his son James. James’ grandfather Edward Clarke is also a member of the lodge and has been involved in James’ ceremonies, Edward was the deacon for James’ first degree and delivered the second degree tracing board.

On a very emotional evening, Andrew performed the full ceremony of the third degree in splendid style and with obvious great sincerity. The members of the lodge and their visitors witnessed a fine ceremony which was warmly appreciated by all.

James was invested with his master Mason apron which had originally belonged to Edward when he was raised in 1978. Edward passed it on to Andrew when he was raised in 1986. Andrew had looked after the apron for what they both hoped would be the day when his son became a master Mason.

The Clarke dynasty proudly continues with three generations now in Stanley of Bickerstaffe Lodge.

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