Group Diary


 2018/19 SEASON

Issued 30th July 2018

Chapter Installations/Anniversaries   Craft Installations/Anniversaries   Group/Provincial

(Orm) = Meeting at Ormskirk Masonic Hall

(Lith) = Meeting at Litherland Masonic Hall

(CR) = Meeting at Park Hall Hotel, Charnock Richard

(MT) = Meeting at Merchant Taylors School, Crosby

DateLodge/Chapter/EventNoRepresentative / VenueCelebration
20.09.18Aughton (Orm)7996W.Bro A.S. Whittle, PAGDCInstallation
26.09.18Ormskirk Priory (Orm)4007W.Bro P. Levick, PJGDInstallation
05.10.18Lathom Abbey (Orm)
6286W.Bro K.P. Poynton, PSGD, APrGMInstallation
06.10.18Chivalry (Orm)3974W.Bro P. Levick, PJGDInstallation
08.10.18Fermor Hesketh (Lith)1350W.Bro B.S. Henshaw, PJGDInstallation
08.10.18Rufford (CR)7217W.Bro F.A. Umbers, PAGDC, APrGMInstallation
09.10.18Stanley of Bickerstaff (Orm)3511V.W.Bro P.H. Gunning, PGSwdB, DepPrGMInstallation
11.10.18Provincial Grand ChapterSouthport Convention & Conference Centre
13.10.18Prince of Architect's (Lith)4188W.Bro F.A. Umbers, PAGDC, APrGMInstallation
16.10.18Tarleton (CR)7871W.Bro F.A. Umbers, PAGDC, APrGM50th E.A. Price
24.10.18Ormskirk Priory (Orm)4007W.Bro F.A. Umbers, PAGDC, APrGM60th A.E. Hannah
25.10.18Eureka (Lith) 3763W.Bro F.A. Umbers, PAGDC, APrGMInstallation
06.11.18West Lanc’s Freemasons Charity AGM Leyland Masonic Hall
18.11.18Group Christmas FairLitherland and Ormskirk Masonic Halls
21.11.18Standish (CR) 4955W.Bro C G Jenkins, PAGDCInstallation
23.11.18Arthur Stanley (Orm)3469W.Bro D.S. Thomas, PAGDCInstallation
25.11.18F.R.O.T.H. Christmas LunchLitherland Masonic Hall
26.11.18Fermor Hesketh CH (Lith)1350E.Comp A.F. (Tony) Hall, PGStdB, AtoPrGP'sInstallation
02.12.18Group Carol ServiceLatham Park Chapel
03.12.18Vale of Skelmersdale (Orm)8719W.Bro F.A. Umbers, PAGDC, APrGM50th B.B. Collier
04.12.18Park Hall (Orm) 8375W.Bro F.R. Pyne, PAGDCInstallation
09.12.18Children’s Christmas Party Ormskirk Masonic Hall
12.01.19Mersey (CR)5199W.Bro F.A. Umbers, PAGDC, APrGMInstallation
16.01.19Harmony (Orm)580W.Bro D J Winder PSGD, APrGM Installation
16.01.19Standish (CR)4955W.Bro F.A. Umbers, PAGDC, APrGM50th G R Gore
18.01.19Bootle CH (Lith)1473E.Comp A.F. (Tony) Hall, PGStdB, AtoPrGP'sInstallation
22.01.19Stanley of Bickerstaffe CH (Orm)3511E.Comp A.F. (Tony) Hall, PGStdB, AtoPrGP'sInstallation
30.01.19Group MeetingOrmskirk Masonic Hall
02.02.19Group Cabaret & Buffet Maghull Town Hall
06.02.19Master’s & First Principals FestivalOrmskirk Masonic Hall
07.02.19Bootle Pilgrim (Lith) 1473W.Bro D.J. Parkinson, PAGDC, APrGM50th G J Martin
13.02.19Unity and Perseverance CH (Orm) 580E.Comp D Smith, PGStdB, AtoPrGP’sInstallation
20.02.19Lodge of Harmony (Orm) 580W.Bro F.A. Umbers, PAGDC, APrGM50th J R Worthington
04.03.19Vale of Skelmersdale (Orm)8719W.Bro I.C. Gee, PAGRegInstallation
05.03.19St Michael’s (CR)5756W.Bro C.B. Dickinson, PrJGWInstallation
07.03.19Bootle Pilgrim (Lith)1473V.W.Bro H. Jones, PGSwdB, PDepPrGMInstallation
08.03.19Crosby (Lith) 3714Rt.W.Bro J.A. Harrison, PGMInstallation
13.03.19Ormskirk Priory CH (Orm)4007E.Comp C.G. Jenkins, PGStdBInstallation
15.03.19Provincial Ball Macron Stadium, Bolton
19.03.19St Luke’s (Lith)6006TBCInstallation
25.03.19Old Crosbeian (MT)4992W.Bro D. Walmsley, PAGDC, APrGMInstallation
28.03.19Eureka (Lith)3763W.Bro F.A. Umbers, PAGDC, APrGM50th W F Wright
03.04.19Provincial Grand LodgeWinter Gardens Blackpool
08.04.19Fermor Hesketh Lodge (Lith) 1350W.Bro F.A. Umbers, PAGDC, APrGM50th D.M. Atherton
10.04.19Royal Arch - Joint Convocation Litherland Masonic Hall
15.04.19Lathom (Lith)2229W.Bro J.D. Ogden, PAGDC, APrGMInstallation
15.04.19St Michael’s CH (CR)5756E.Comp P.A. Renton, PGSwdB, DepGSuptInstallation
18.04.19Thornton CH (Lith)8008E.Comp C.G. Jenkins, PGStdBInstallation
23.04.19The King's (Lith)3101W.Bro J. Karran, PrSGWInstallation
21.05.19Tarleton (CR)7871W.Bro C.P. Lockett, PAGDCInstallation
22.05.19Ormskirk Masonic Hall Association AGM Ormskirk Masonic Hall
01.06.19Ormskirk & Bootle Group BowlsDog & Gun, Aughton
08.06.19Group Gala Cabaret Dinner & DanceWest Lanc’s Golf Club
TBAOrmskirk & Bootle Group GolfMossack Hall Golf Club