Lodge secretaries

On this page you will find the lodge  secretaries

Lodge nameNoSecretaries
Lodge of Harmony580Philip Powell
Fermor Hesketh1350Phillip Christian
Bootle Pilgrim1473Michael Clarke
2229Ray Barrow
King's3101Haldane Eccles
Arthur Stanley Lodge 3469Mike Sheron
Stanley of Bickerstaffe Lodge
3511Raymond Jackson
Crosby3714Lee Walters
Eureka3763Iain Beckett
The Lodge of Chivalry3974Mark Holloway
Ormskirk Priory Lodge 4007Trevor Martin
Prince of Architech's4188Michael Williams
Old Crosbeian4992Les Ware
Standish Lodge 4995David Jackson
Mersey Lodge 5199Donald Carton
St Michaels Lodge 5756Francis Aspinall
St Luke's6006Ray Barrow
Lathom Abbey Lodge6286Phil Stansbie
Rufford Lodge7217Derek Midgley
Tarleton Lodge 7871 Ronnie Christer
Aughton Lodge 7996Derek Westby
Park Hall Lodge 8375Graham Roberts
Vale of Skelmersdale 8719Fred Hargreaves